Masterclass | Leadership and Management

Strengthen your leadership and your efficiency

Do you want to heighten your leadership, so you create more efficiency, make sustainable plans, and achieve new results? And do you need to learn it quickly and efficiently?

Focus on management, efficiency, planning, and understanding

During the course you will practice the effective management mindset and acquire the tools to set up common goals, make plans, and find, select, and lead the right expertise to the task ahead. This way you will set up you and your team for more efficient and better work, in the short term and the long term.

Effective masterclass that saves time in your calendar

In just three intensive course days over three months you will be well prepared for the challenges ahead. You get maximum knowledge in a short period of time, as the course minimizes your time consumption, but at the same time supports your learning, because you have time to practice your newly acquired skills on your job in between course days.

Practical education with a focus on teaching you specific and useful tools

The course is practice-oriented and is based on your actual experiences. It is based on exercises and tangible examples that make it easy to learn. You get three personal coaching sessions with a focus on your own challenges. This helps you use and integrate the teachings in your own work life.

3 modules that teaches you to lead and manage in practice



As a leader you are responsible for time management and the planning of tasks – and all of it starts at your desk. Module 1 is about how you manage your own time and tasks, so that you can achieve a higher degree of understanding and personal efficiency in your workday.

You will get knowledge and tools to:

  • Create an overview of your own tasks and goals on a short and long term
  • Prioritize your time and tasks in the optimal way
  • Increase your personal efficiency in a sustainable way
  • Break the habits and obstacles that slows you down
  • Maintain order and control, even in stressful times
  • Handle interruptions and interference in a constructive way


Learn to passionately present a subject and convince your audience of your point – whether they are your employees, partners, or leadership. Module 2 is about preparing you to facilitate effective meetings and make sure that your presentation techniques are clear and engaging.

You will get knowledge and tools to:

  • Find and sharpen your core message
  • Create structure in your argumentation
  • Use convincing communication and effective rhetoric
  • Practice your body language and your voice
  • Attract your audience’s attention
  • Plan and facilitate dynamic, effective, and motivating meetings


Job interviews and performance reviews are an important part of your work as a leader. The purpose of module 3 is to prepare you to conduct effective and rewarding interviews with future and current employees, thereby creating job satisfaction and general well-being in the workplace.

You will get knowledge and tools to:

  • Evaluate and hire the right candidates
  • Use your recruitment toolbox in the optimal way
  • Navigate the performance review’s content, purpose, and pitfalls
  • Improve, complete, and follow up on performance reviews
  • Create strategic development plans and determine clear goals
  • Ensure the value of the performance reviews all year

Practical information

Target audience

The course is for everyone in a leadership position


Modules and course days

The Masterclass runs over three course modules, lasting one day each with tuition from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The three course days are distributed so that you can practice what you have learned at your job in between the modules.


Teaching method

The teaching is intensive and close to practice, so you will learn what is needed quickly and efficiently. You will be presented with the most important approaches and techniques and be activated through exercises and discussions. You get the opportunity to discuss your own challenges and share knowledge with your co-participants.

The course ends with a course certificate


Personal profile analysis

Prior to the course, you will do an online personal profile analysis.


Personal coaching session

The course includes two personal coaching sessions where you address your managerial challenges with an experienced leader and coach. You will have the opportunity to continue the personal coaching after the course has ended.


Price and registration

The price for the entire course is 19,995 DKK per person excl. VAT. The price includes materials, personal profile analysis, two coaching sessions, and catering in the form of breakfast, sandwiches, and afternoon cake (catering is not included in the online version).


Single modules

Instead of registering for the entire course, you can also choose to simply take one or two of the three modules at a price of 9,995 DKK per module excl. VAT. Contact us to know more.


Gitte Astrup Melgaard

Instructor, leader, coach and senior consultant in HR, management, and organizational development

Gitte Astrup Melgaard is an experienced instructor who combines an overview of approaches and tools with practical exercises and active learning. Furthermore, Gitte works as a senior consultant with tasks such as: strategic and tactical management consulting, Executive Search, and individual management counseling. She draws on her many years of experience as a manager and consultant.

Gitte is the responsible instructor on our Leadership Course and will be the primary face on the three course days.


Next course start

  • Module 1: Wednesday the 19th of January 2022
  • Module 2: Wednesday the 16th of February 2022
  • Module 3: Wednesday the 16th of March 2021

Time: Tuition is 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. all days

Place: Viby J, Denmark

Deadline for registration: Monday the 10th of January 2022


19,995 DKK per person excl. VAT.

Company specific course

We offer this course as a company specific course tailored specifically to your company. Contact us to know more.


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